Current techniques: hyperbolic drawing/painting, photography, digital 
Future plans: multidimensional sculpture 
My work is influenced by my background in classical archaeology, art history, and landscape architecture. Through these fields I explore the space between representation and abstraction. Time is an ever present theme. Google Image search describes my style as “Messy”. 
I find myself most indebted to the old masters - dürer, Rosso fiorentino, Titian and da Vinci to name just a few. But I also have a great reverence for the likes of caillebotte, basquiat, and Joan Mitchell. Duchamp, always. Of contemporary artists, there are so many but I love gerhard richter, Howardena pendell, and jamaal peterman. 
Style: Lush and weird 
Content: Some pieces tell stories, others document a fleeting impression or mood. All are interwoven with global concerns, questions about the future, and exploration of the means and motifs of technology. The strange satisfaction of the feedback loop. The digital nexus of communication
Method: I start each piece with improvisation, precision, and speed; it then proceeds to Excavation of form within the interstices of representation and abstraction + expressive and hieroglyphic use of color and A hunger for spatial complexity.
CREDENTIALS: PH.d. in Art history, Cornell University, 2012; m.a. art history, Cornell University, 2007; m.l.a. landscape architecture, suny-esf, 2002; b.a. art history, Binghamton university, 1999. etc.
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